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Red Dragon Sunset

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Fantasy -


Featured: Yes

Year Produced: 1998

media: Poster Board

medium: Color Pencil

Name: Red Dragon Sunset

Original Dimensions: 36" W x 22" H

Product Description:

Picture of a Giant Red Dragon basking in the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

Background story
I drew this picture using coloring pencil during my senior year in high school. It was one of three dragon pictures I wanted to draw. I had envisioned a red dragon just resting on the grand desert during this sunset and thought how serene it looked. For this picture, I had imagined myself hiking and coming across this Godzilla sized dragon just resting there. In the initial sketch drawing I had a person standing in the foreground looking at the dragon, but I decided to remove the person and instead wanted to show from a first person point of view. So this would be from my first person view of what it would look like if I had stumble upon this dragon and looked at it from afar. I've added small trees to give the dragon a sense of immense scale. This drawing took about a week to finish. It was the second dragon I drew giving my professional attempt drawing the best dragon I could. This picture went on to be on the cover of my high school's annual literacy and art magazine.




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